Reversible Youth Jersey - $25

Jerseys can be ordered when registering and will be distributed at a practice prior to the first game. Jerseys can be used for all teams with in the U5-8 program.

Players are free to wear shorts and socks of their choice.

Shin guards are required

to be worn under socks.

Shoes may be either

cleats or athletic shoes.

U5-U10 Uniform Jersey

U11-U19 Uniform Kit

Kit Includes:

2 Game Jerseys 
(1 midnight navy, 1 white)
1 Game Shorts 
(midnight navy)
1 Game Socks 

Required Kit

$98 Youth Sizes

$110 Adult Sizes

To Order:

After registration

closes players will

be assigned a

number and parents

will receive

uniform ordering instructions via email

**Uniform fees are in addition to registration fees and must be ordered prior to posted deadline to receive uniform prior to first game of the season**

**Uniform fees are in addition to registration fees and must be ordered prior to posted deadline to receive uniform prior to first game of the season**

Optional Gear All Ages

Goalkeeper jersey
(kelly green)



(midnight navy)

Training jacket

Training pants


Uniform kits are updated every two years. Current kit dates Fall 2019-Spring 2020.

For your convenience, ordering will be done online and shipped directly to your home.   

Uniform Frequently asked questions

Why are we changing uniform kits?

Typically an athletic uniform kit runs on a 2-year contract. This is due to the vendor's ability to guarantee a particular style for a specific amount of time.

Are we changing brands?

No! Our new uniform kit will be Under Armour brand. This means our warm-up kits, backpacks, any practice, coaching, or fan gear will remain the same!!

Are we changing vendors?

Yes! We will be changing to Soccer.com! We are very excited about this change. Soccer.com offers FREE shipping for orders over $99 and FREE returns and exchanges even for items with custom numbers printed. Shipping time will be 5-8 business days. Plus, players ordering uniforms will receive a one-year free Goal Club membership which allows for a 10% discount off soccer.com items outside of our club store.

How long will we use this new uniform kit?

The new kits will carry a two-year contract extending through Spring 2021.

What is the uniform numbering policy

Numbering policy (2007 and older) The F.C. Brighton numbering system is:
Team 1- Jerseys numbered 1-25
Team 2- Jerseys numbered 26-50

This numbering system would allow a player to have the same number throughout their time with FC Brighton. In addition, this would allow movement between teams, as well as guest opportunities, without requiring a player to purchase a new kit. There should be one player per number per age group/gender.

Please make sure you order the number approved by the uniform coordinator and head coach. If you do not purchase your approved number, you may be required to purchase another uniform. Numbering policy (2011-2008)
Players can choose from #1-50. This will allow for one player per number per age group/gender. The numbers will be chosen in order of registration(first come first serve).

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