F.C. Brighton's College ID Program designed to help players begin the process moving from high school age soccer to the next level.  This will be done through helping educate players and parents on the recruiting process and creating player profiles, training directly with our Executive Director of Coaching and our Boys and Girls Directors of Coaching, and setting an annual plan which will include College Showcase tournaments.

If you're a dedicated player aspiring to play after high school, this program will help you prepare for that and will team you up with some of the best players in the club and surrounding areas.

2020 Tournaments

Broomfield Showcase

(Boys and Girls):

June 5th-6th

Chicago Showcase


July 10th-12th

Kansas City Showcase


November 20th-22nd

Westminster Showcase

(Boys and Girls)

December 5-6th

2020 Fees


Uniform included

One out of state and two in state tournaments

Registration Dates

Opens March 3, 2020
Registration close dates are enforced to ensure uniforms arrive prior to first game.
Uniform arrival date can not be guaranteed for late registrants.
Team placement can not be guaranteed for late registrants.


March 8th, 2020

Water Tower Park

4204 Crestone Peak St 

Brighton, CO

U15-U19 Girls


U15 - U19 Boys


Players must register and attend tryouts in ordered to be considered for College ID Team

What will the training schedule look like?

Trainings will be scheduled around tournament dates. Prior to each tournament two to three weeks of training will be planned. This schedule will be communicated in the annual plan.

Who will run the trainings and coach the tournaments?

Trainings and tournaments will be coached by our Executive Director of Coaching, Boys Director of Coaching, Girls Director of Coaching, Director of Goalkeeping, and/or Recreational Director of Coaching.

What does the registration fee cover?

Regsitration fees cover tournament fees and uniforms as well as travel, meal and hotel fees for overnight stays, when neccesary, to tournaments.

Do parents travel with players to out of area tournaments?

The Club will book hotel rooms and arrange meals for players for tournaments where out of metro area travel is required. Parents are encouraged to attend the tournaments as spectators but please be understanding of the fact that the player will be traveling, lodging, and having meals as a team. We will have a minimun of two chaperones at each tournament.

Does the club provide travel and meals for metro area tournaments?

Parents will be responsible for the player's meals and travel for Metro Area tournaments.

Do the College Id Teams wear F.C. Brighton Uniforms?

The College ID Program wil have separate uniforms from the normal F.C. Brighton kit. The cost of the uniform is already included in your registration fee. Number selection will be senority based according to birth year.

What is a player profile?

All Players for this program should start to develop their Player Profile(resume). The Player Profile would consist of the following: short video highlights, extra curricular activities, academics, club and high school sports achievements and coach endorsements.

Will my freshman or sophmore player get much playing time?

Please understand that it is our intention to show all players at a reasonable level. It is important to recognize the older players in this program will have more play time than the younger players. This is because they are at a "relavent age" to the coaches attending the tournaments and thier time frame is more critical. If your player is a freshman or sophmore do not get discouraged if you do not hear from the college coaches. Most of the colleges are planning thier next season and are focusing on players that can come to their program for the following school year. NCAA rules also do not allow certain coaches to engage with players that are younger. We do however encourage our younger players to participate in the program, as it will allow them to grow as a player and understand the pressures and processes of playing in front of college coaches.

What are the Player Standards?

-Player must actively strive to have a 2.5 GPA or better -Player must show up to tryouts to be considered -If a player cannot make tryouts for any reason they need to let FC Brighton Staff know in writing (Email) stating the reason why and that they are still interested. -Players must update teamsnap availability -Players must attend 50% of training sessions, failure to do so will result in less playing time. -Players who attend less than 25% of training sessions will be cut from program (No Refund) -Players must be on time to training and ready to go -Player profile must be created before first training session for that college ID season Failure to comply with the any of the above stated standards may result in less playing time or cut from the team at the discretion of the EDOC and DOC's

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